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Making sure that the buyer (or lender, as the case may be) has good and marketable title, free and clear of defects, is the foremost requirement of every closing.  Without it, a seller is unable to transfer title to a buyer, a buyer’s investment is not sound, and a lender’s lien priority may be in jeopardy.  


The duty to assist the seller in providing a clear and marketable title is one of the duties Guardian Title accepts and delivers as part of the Closing process. These duties, which are essential to facilitate a real estate transaction, include ordering all payoffs for mortgage, judgments, taxes and other liens that affect title.


When the closing day arrives, we handle the collection and disbursement of all settlement funds, preparation of the Closing Disclosure, ALTA Settlement Statement, Deeds and other title transfer documents, as well as other closing documents, such as powers of attorney or affidavits.


When there is a loan involved, we are also engaged by the new lender to conduct the loan closing on their behalf, and to insure that the signing of the loan documents and the disbursement of the lenders loan funds takes place in accordance with their instructions and requirements.


Lastly, we ensure that all documents evidencing ownership and lien interests are correctly executed by the parties, notarized, and are recorded in the proper county offices.

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